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    Anyone know of a good website to post up all of your photos so that you can just send the link to your friends/family etc. I know you can do such things on facebook etc, but i was thinking of a more specific online photo album.

    Has to be free, would be good if it re-sized and compressed automatically! Thanks!

    (I know there are lots of results on google, but i would like personal opinions/reviews as i have no idea which is the best)


    I've used photobox. Always been ok

    Photobucket is OK.


    Original Poster

    Glad to see there is a distinct favourite, lol.

    Do any of these have password protection or anything or a method of limiting to only your own friends?!

    Photobox is by your invite only

    and if anyone wants copies they can get quidco too.


    i vote for PhotoBucket

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the info ppl. Photobox seems good with the password etc. cheers


    Have used them for years at no cost, and currently have nearly 10GB of stored photos with them.
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