Photo editing advice needed please

    Hi all

    I have 200+ photographs at high resolution, but need to resize them all to be much smaller!

    Is there a program where I can select all and downsize them all? I used to do it one photo at a time with photoshop i think, but it very time consuming.



    You can batch resize in Photoshop, here's a tutorial...…1_0

    I use the batch convert option from IrfanView, try it. Google it. You can choose to resize in %, pixel or size!! And convert using the batch convert method.

    I use Irfanview.

    Can use a batch process in Adobe Fireworks...

    ...No need to thank me

    Picasa does batch resize and rename, very handy and very free as are the others ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Original Poster

    Thanks all

    Also try ]Fotosizer

    Does the job very well and is also free!
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