Photo editing help needed please

    I have a picture that I want to put on the front of a photobook, unfortunately the pictures on the front have to be square, meaning that some of my photograph is cut off.

    Would anyone be able to just add a white band to the top and bottom (equal widths) to make the photograph square

    Dunno if that makes sense, but if the file is saved with the bands of white, they shouldnt cut the ends off it, will all just be a bit smaller (dont mind the bands top and bottom)

    Anyone think they could do it if I send them the pic???


    You should be able to do this in Paint.

    Just add a thick white line at the top & bottom on the picture then save it...unless Im reading it wrong?

    I would do it but unfortunately at work so restrictions in place!

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    Dunno if I have explained it properly, but want a white band above and below the photo, not over it, so that the bands increase the height of the photograph, making it square

    Has to be square photo for the front cover of photobook, currently cutting the ends off to make it square, this will hopefully mean they will show it smaller + white band at top and bottom, and not cut the ends off

    Ah, Im with you.

    Do you have MS Publisher? (May be able to do it in Paint)
    If so, just make a white square and place the picture within it so you have your lines, then select both and group together, then you should be able to save as a picture then.

    Kelly, you could insert your photo into a word doc and then use the snipping tool to select and save the square you want.

    is there certain dimensions that this needs to be or just completly square?
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    Thanks to you both have managed to sort it, not totally there yet but just needs tweaking, very close now!

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    email it to [email protected] there certain dimensions that this … email it to [email protected] there certain dimensions that this needs to be or just completly square?

    Thanks, managed to get it sorted

    As far as I know it just has to be square, doing a photobook with snapfish and they have different covers but all the spaces for photos are square! Only doing it with them because I got a voucher (single use otherwise I would post) for a free one worth £25. Normally use someone else, much better!
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