photo editing/signatures/ help on getting started.....

    i would like to know how to start making photo signatures. i get them made for me at the moment but would love to learn how to do them and maybe become a trial designer for the site i currently get them from now.

    i havnt got any programs to do photo editing with so would need to know that 1st and then how to go about creating these beautiful photo signatures... hope someone can help.


    Best and most obvious place to start is to literally go through the program and play with all the tools, settings etc... see what does what... that's how I started out years ago.

    Depending on the program you use, for things like photoshop you can download additional brush sets, or create your own too

    Good Luck

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    hello. thanks for your reply...

    where could i download photoshop from as i havnt got a program xx

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    bump.. x

    Photoshop can be picked up anywhere (not legal tho)

    Go through tutorial sites such as [url][/url] to learn the tools.

    Remeber you wont be top notch straight away and may find it confusing.

    You could use other prgrams such as Paint shop Pro?


    Remeber you wont be top notch straight away

    :lol: i've been using photoshop for 7 years and still learn new things everyday

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    thankyou verrrrrry much will give it a whirl x


    Paint shop pro for beginners
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