Photo from Land's End sign (copyright)

    Okay girlfriend wanted a photograph of us at Land's End, it was £9.50 for a 7"x5". On the leaflet with it, it says they are the copyright holder and is illegal to reproduce the photo. Not up on copyright law but if I only use it for my private archiving (scan into computer) am I okay? They want another £9.00 for a copy.


    Hiya, if it is just for yourself so that the original can be preserved then you are allowed.

    Under copyright law you're allowed:

    Acts that are allowed Fair dealing is a term used to describe acts which are permitted to a certain degree without infringing the work, these acts are:[LIST]
    [*]Private and research study purposes.
    [*]Performance, copies or lending for educational purposes.
    [*]Criticism and news reporting.
    [*]Incidental inclusion.
    [*]Copies and lending by librarians.
    [*]Acts for the purposes of royal commissions, statutory enquiries, judicial proceedings and parliamentary purposes.
    [*]Recording of broadcasts for the purposes of listening to or viewing at a more convenient time, this is known as time shifting.
    [*]Producing a back up copy for personal use of a computer program.
    [*]Playing sound recording for a non profit making organisation, club or society.(Profit making organisations and individuals should obtain a license from the Performing Rights Society.)[/LIST]

    What they dont know wont hurt them, scan it into your PC if you like, you've paid for it. Also, they would have to proove that you copied it illegally.

    So unless you sign something and go jumping up and down in front of them waving it in their face shouting that you've copied it then nobody is going to do anything.

    Go for it.

    Or you could do what a certain person did when they visited it. Stand just at the front side of the sign next to the chain surrounding it. Take a picture, and then go nuts with PhotoShop.

    Ahmm...not that it was me or anything but when I visited they wanted something like £12 for a me when I say I got what I was after and saved myself £12.... :-D

    [Ahmm...not that it was me or anything but when I visited they wanted something like £12 for a me when I say I got what I was after and saved myself £12.... :-D[/QUOTE]

    Nice one! Lol.

    good work steven....

    How come you have to pay to have a picture taken there anyway? and also £9 is ridiculous to have your picture taken at the edge of england, it would have been cool if the world was square, and you could get a picture sitting on a corner....

    I do kind of admire somebodies initiative/rudeness to just start charging people to have photos, like they have more rights there than anybody else

    I think its because the sign is a tourist trademark for the UK and as such somebody has to bleed the tourists try so what other way of doing it than acquiring the copyrights to the sign and pictures they take of it.


    Where theres a will, theres a way my war cry when it comes to these things...backed up with

    If it saves a buck, then who gives a F*%£

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