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    Here is meeeee, saxo_appeal…jpg


    I've changed my Avatar accordingly....

    not very clear though... Will have to work on it later..

    Original Poster


    I've changed my Avatar accordingly....

    Greg put your photo up actually in the thread like mine, this is what i want everyone to do, .. we aint got a lot of people so far.....cmon folks you cant be all camera shy :oops: :-D

    I'm the one in the middle.


    hahahahaha ducky thats mint !!!!

    i think u would have done well in past can u remember the quidco photo comp....i recon u woulda won !!!!

    Lol, we weren't allowed any photoshops though. Anyway, I'm not to pleased about the smoothness of my head on that one. :-( Was a bit of a rush-job.

    i didnt pay tht much attention...i thought u stuck ur ducks on the keyboard and took the pic hahaha... neva mind

    Original Poster

    this isnt going how i thought it would, ah well :-(

    My pics already on my avator! Yeah I ain't looking at u!

    Original Poster

    hehe, i can just sheeesh its affy small lol

    Oh boy, here goes nothing...


    Picture is massive to be put on here so make fun of me by clicking the above link

    Original Poster

    Now were seeing the faces of the bargain hunters lol
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