Photo gear dilemma.

Found 22nd Mar 2010
Looking into getting Photography back as a hobby. Used to do alot of portrait and landscape, though kinda lost interest over the years.

Probably looking for a Canon entry level D-slr. The thing is, I've seen older 400/450 body going for less than a halve fo the new 550D. Part of me do want the latest, and greatest - full HD video, 18mp high ISO performance sensor, etc.

Though when push comes to shove, is the difference in the image quality, enough to justify twice the price? It's the artist, not the gears, right?
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the hd video is pretty rough ,suffers from the cmos jelly effect movement issue
18mp wont help you, the iso performance of the older ones is just as good
you are also paying for live view, which on slr's isnt great, as the focusing uses a secondary system

I would not pay the price of the current 550d, they made it too expensive, use the extra for a lens or 2
I'm sure a few of the (very helpful) people on the thread below would be happy to give you some advice if you post in there too:

You need to look at your lenses as well of course and weigh up whether getting the cheaper body + additional lens (fast prime or something) is going to give you more capabilities than a fancier body. Another consideration is whether to go for a second-hand semi-pro body such as the 40D/50D with less gimmicky featyres as these are generally better built, better viewfinders, burst rate etc. and likely to hold their value better.

There's also the question of how much you want to spend long term, if you're budgetting for mainly a one-off spend then you're probably better with the cheaper body and spend the rest on lenses. While DSLRs are better at high ISO I still always have a wide aperture prime as I find it essential for shooting in poor lighthing conditions as well as offering the attractive shallow depth of field for portraits and similar. Alternatively if you're planning on building your kit up over time it may be worth considering the 550D or similar so you've a body you'll definitely be content to stay with over a longer period of time.

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