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Found 7th Aug 2008
here's the dilema that I need help with....

After 38 years of being involved with a theatre production (10 as Producer), I am about to retire and want to get everyone a mug with all the images of the posters from the last 10 years.

Needless to say the artwork for these has been generated as a quark file and I want to find the cheapest place to get this put onto a nice mug?

120 mugs required... so obviously the cheaper the better?

anyone got any bright ideas?

thanks for your help in advance!

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dont know if i am right here but i am sure asda do them at the photo counter, not sure tho.

hmm tricky. im not sure if those printing/copying shops will do this type of thing.. its worth walking round your town/shops and going in to ask.. alternativly there are websites that do this.. but im not sure if it would be wayyyy to pricey.

Here are some examples for you to check out - ]clicky also ]clicky .. so it is widely available as i simply searched google for those.

i recommend print shops however as it may be slightly cheaper..

I also found places on an auction site, that also do this, alot cheaper than above.

Hope this helps for a start. Let me know, and i'll search some more.

Asda's have 50% on photomugs (3.50 £ I think) ... you should go and ask, but I think they want a *.jpg file
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