Photo Paper needed for laser printer A4 size?

    Hi... loooking to get Photo Paper delivered... needed for laser printer A4 size?

    Any ideas where to get cheap for a charity? Only need 1 box!

    Rep for best deal.... thanx


    How about this:…tml
    We bought some a while back and it is really good stuff. I'm sure there are codes around for WHsmiths at the moment too!

    And 8% Quidco too!

    Too be honest I don't think you can get it for a laser, and I stand to be corrected but we have tried inkjet photo paper and it leaves the image on the roller and so affects every copy after that, so please make sure if you do find some it does say laser not inkjet

    Laser paper - can be found on ebay, spose it depends how much you need (whats in a box?)

    I found.. ] this
    and ]here

    is it just me or is laser glossy paper hard to find lol...what is the diff? .. didnt get chandlers comment.

    [SIZE="1"]I found normal photo paper (just because) ] here . They have a few packs on that site (see ]here), featuring everyday quality and high gloss.. might be worth checking out anyway

    Might help others. [/SIZE]

    Good luck with your buy tho OP.

    have you considered getting it donated? i dont know your charity and if its possible..or even ask on freecycle has anyone got any?
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