Photo Printer for Digital Prints Wanted Please

    I'm after one printer myself that links to a PC, heard the Epson R220 is good as can also get cheap ink refills, is there a better one available for £50-£60 anywhere?

    Also want a standalone Printer that can just link to the Camera (Fuji) and/or memory card so just print 6"x4" photos without a PC linked up.
    Any ideas of a good quality model with cheapish refills?



    Much depends on what is more ink or quality pictures...if the former then of course Epson is the cheapest but if the latter then you should be looking at Canon or HP products.

    I have a high spec Epson R800 and yes the photo printing is excellent but I also have another PC with a HP printer and that produces far better everyday printing on plain paper.

    Sorry to be of limited assistance but I'm sure others can give you some guidance on suitable models.

    I bought a R220 from Boots recently with codes/vouchers for £50. Very happy with the quality. Newer models available but just more bells and whistles, i think the print quality is the same. As you say refills are available for very cheap prices.

    I bought a Epson R245 recently from PC World using their collect in store option. It is very good for the price (£69.99) and the refills (PC Worlds own-brand) are only

    not sure what happened there...?Anway, the refills are less than £2 when ordered online.The printer support direct printing from memory card etc, and will also let you print up to A4.All in all, well worth it for £69.99HTH, Steve

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    Cool, thanks for all the info.

    I'm probably going to go for the Epson R220.
    And Epson Picturemate 100.

    They both have a good write-up and I will try the cheaper refills on both of them when the originals run out.

    Thanks :thumbsup:
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