Found 26th Nov 2008
I ahve some photos with my eyes closed. It there a way for my to supply you with a pic with my eyes open, and for yo to take the eye and replace on the other iamge so I have my eyes open?

If there is can anyone do it for my please. For like 3 photos?
Thanks loads
And rep if you do it

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upload the pics on here and we'll take a look

i'll have a go, cant promise they will be professional...

shouldnt be too hard :P

Original Poster

Eyes open here -…jpg

Not here -

EDIT - I can supply a big photo, if you take on the challenge :P

not much we can do with them, upload the full sizers

Original Poster

One with eyes is there working on others. Internet is slow!

The camera truly doesn't like you does it.

Original Poster

I'm having some trouble with others, but would that size be oaky

all i have to say is lol!!

Original Poster

Jsut sending to your email btw

Whats your natural eye colour?

Well done you.

Who are the other people in the photo's? are they a boy band?

Original Poster

Yeah, Army of Freshmen.
Blue eye colour.
Can you make the eyes a bit bigger pelase?

Keeps reminding me of My Name is Earl.


I like the guys homage to hens...


Keeps reminding me of My Name is Earl.

HAHA!!! True!!

Slightly bigger eyes and red eye fixed.


HAHA!!! True!!Slightly bigger eyes and red eye fixed.

You changed it... put them back...


You changed it... put them back...

Changed What?:?

ʇɹɐʇ ʞɔoɔ

rock star

:giggle: :giggle:

Original Poster

the tattoo lol.
And thats great
Can you please send me full res image, and
ay chance of the others?

haha... yeah no worries, will email you then once ive finished them off...

Original Poster


do you want the photoshop .psd files for any alterations?

Original Poster

Cheers for the photos
Just sent you an email back with alterations

spanners u iz well cleverz
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