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    I have a load of old paper photo's that I need converting to files for a digital photo frame.

    My scanner has broken, and my old scanner is poor quality.

    Any company's offering a scanning service??? Or recommendations for a decent scanner (Pref one I can take back within 16 days)


    I'm not sure about company's offering a service, but I have a scanner for sale if that's of any interest ?

    Hi, I could do it for you.. How many images? Do you want them repairing or just scanned as is?

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    Hi, I could do it for you.. How many images? Do you want them repairing … Hi, I could do it for you.. How many images? Do you want them repairing or just scanned as is?

    I will have to get them out and have a count.

    Cheapest option avaliable, most are the same size, not bothered about repairing.
    I was hoping to just set the size from the preview, and scan changing the same size picture at the same time.

    The ones I have tried with my old 1200 scanner are really poor quality. Faded colours, but the photo's are clear??

    Let me know a rough price if you could??

    What size are images? 6x4 etc. What resolution for photo frame 480x320x72 dpi? Obviously gonna be some cropping.. £2.00 Per image - 10 or under £1.50 above..

    Nice 1.. Do you do negs and slides too?
    I'll outsource my work to you.. :whistling:

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    Many thanks for that link.

    Company in business for 15 months, never lost a photo. Turn around 2-3 days.
    Very cheap..

    Different prices for 300dpi and 600pdi...

    I will be displaying them on a 800 x 480 8" screen...

    PASTED FROM SITEIf you are scanning a standard 6 x 4" holiday photo, 300 dpi will be sufficient to reproduce it at the original size or view it on a screen upto say 20" full size. However, with many people having TV screens at 40" plus, scanning at 600 dpi would allow the photo to be viewed much larger than the original without distortion. Certainly scanning original photos at anyhting over 600 dpi is pointless unless you are looking to print at a much enlarged size. Remember, a computer screen is only 72 dpi !

    Just noticed in the FAQ they give voucher codes out to customers to pass onto friends..

    Does anyone have any??

    Do you think I should go for the 600dpi???

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    quick bump on the re previous post.
    sending photos tomorrow.
    600 or 300 dpi???

    Thanks in advance.
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