Found 9th May 2011
HI again,

We took during our holidays quite some pictures. It were about 750, all together roughtly 2GB of memory. I wanted to upload them to flickr but there is apparently a limit of 200 Photos/300MB in total.

Does anyone know of a service where I could upload all my pictures for free.

Many thanks!

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Tinypic or Photobucket? Not sure of capacity limitations though.

How about buying your own domain, about £7 for 2 years for from, and hosting at (£4.95 a year). Not free but cheaper than a meal out. Plenty of great free image hosting softwares available to install at a click, like coppermine photo gallery, gallery 3, and 4 images. Only thing is while it says "unlimited" there is generally no such thing in hosting, and I suspect you'll find the hosting company will either slow to a crawl as people abuse the service, or the company'll do a fly by night and disappear. You'd need to keep a backup. But you'll still have your domain name. Any other hosting would cost a great deal more though.

This way you have far more control over how your images are presented, and can even set up passwords so only family members can view etc etc.

If you decide to take this route and get stuck anywhere do post back as this stuff is generally quite easy.

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You may have used 2gb of memory so well over 1MB per picture but there really is no need to have pictures online any bigger than 0.1-0.2MB, unless you want people zooming in and seeing every pimple! Ha.

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thanks for all your feedback but I found now skydrive from Windows, gives me 25 GB free storage, that is perfect for my pictures!
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