Photo tagging software

    Does anyone have any recommendations for software for tagging photos?

    Currently I've got thousands of photos in different folders on my NAS but when I'm looking for a photo of say my son and nephews, it's really time consuming.

    Ideally I'm looking for software that works with Windows and iPad and Android (if possible) and works with my NAS(old drink but I plan to replace it with another Synology as I have another of those already.

    Thanks all


    adobe Lightroom?

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    adobe Lightroom?

    ​Didn't even think of Lightroom. I'll download a trial and give it a whirl. I've used photomechanic but it's a slightly different to beast.

    Dump the lot on Google photos. You can then search them although a bit hit or miss. Google uses image scanning. You can search images for objects. Items, all sorts of things. Will get better as time goes on. You can then group the photos In albums. Microsoft drive is the same but not free. I could never find good tagging software although I tried. There is also duplicate and merge software available for free online. It ignores file names but looks at photos to see if you have more than one of the same.

    Meta tagging - found this if it helps
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