Photobox £1 Collages

I have finally received my order today of the collages from Photobox as there was a mix up with the delivery, i rang up on Monday and has how much longer i had to wait for my pictures as they had been despatched the week before. They advised me of a problem and refunded my £6.99 P&P but they didn't they refunded me my whole order amount of £14.99. So i have received today 8 collages, absolutely fantastic for FREE.


I would like to thank and leave Rep for the person that originally posted this deal but i can't find it.....can anyone help me please.

Kind Regards


No worries...................


i know photobox are amazing.yet weird...

i made a mix faulyt and only ordered wo..they sent two copies of each and when i complained (not knowing it ismy fault) the guy explained but said no worries..customer error and stuck 17.99 credit (price of one collage!) onto my account!! he relaised i got it under 'promotion' but still added it to account! no need for him to do so but photobox are stars..since then ive had two further deliveries from photobox of the same two collages....mad!

The collages are fantastic got 8 of them and gave some of them to parents who were well chuffed with them, still looking for frames for them tho. Also did have to wait a little longer for them to be posted, this was due to so many people taking up the great offer, don't blame them. well worth the wait, and thanks to whoever posted the deal.

I got some frames in Ikea for mine…797

They do this in various colours £18.99

I also got another one which is a bit smaller but still big enough for the collages, its not on the website but its called Hajdeby and is £12.99
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