Photography competitions?

    Can someone point me to a few websites that run regular photo competitions. I really enjoy going out and taking photos and have a few that I consider worthy of the National Geographic (strictly IMO!). So I'm looking for a place I can post them and perhaps get new challenges to help inspire me to get out there.

    On a similar note, I'm looking for some really good Flickr groups. When I lived in Seoul last year I was a member of a group on Flickr that was awesome, monthly competitions, an active group of members commenting on photos and in the discussion forums. What are your favs?


    [url][/url] is a good site with dedicated photographic section and is well healthy with comps and discussions and all.

    Flickr groups..............I use Sony gear so am a member\mod at these 2…ol/…00/

    And a few HDR groups too.

    Try them or look for groups specific to your work or camera and change the results to show the most active....................:santa:

    Have a nice Xmas

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