Photography help!! Fuji Finepix S1000

    Ok my first venture into a non point and shoot camara and every photo i take is really blurry any of you guys who know what your talking about can help me?


    Has it got an image stabiliser if so switch it on. Choose Auto mode for starters and use a tripod if still blurry return it or get your eyes tested.

    No zoom as well

    Set it to "Auto" press lightly on the button until it focuses and then continue to press down fully.
    Keep your hands steady ;-)

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    ud think the more toys the easier it bacame! lol 12x optical zoom 10 mega pixel and i could take better pics with a throw away cam! lol think i might take it back to be honest


    Set it to "Auto" press lightly on the button until it focuses and then … Set it to "Auto" press lightly on the button until it focuses and then continue to press down fully.Keep your hands steady ;-)

    This is good advice.
    A lot of people "forget" that most of these cameras will auto focus for you. You need to "prime" it first by pressing down half way, for it to auto focus on what you are pointing at, then, continue to press for the picture to be taken.
    If you forget to "prime" it first, then, chances are, the camera will be moving when you fully press the shutter, so the camera has difficulty focusing, and, as the camera is still moving anyway, the resultant pictures are all blurred.
    Practice holding down the shutter half way.
    You should be able to see the image sharpen up as the camera focuses on what you are pointing at.
    Alternate between pointing at close objects and distant objects. This should show up what I'm talking about. :thumbsup:

    Let me know how you get on.

    Use PS (Picture stabilisation) mode, should make a difference, especially in low light/indoor situations. If no improvement take it back to get checked out, but be prepared for slight embaressment if shown to be basic user error. It could be that if you're just pointing and shooting then you're focusing dead centre on a distant background rather than the foreground features you intended, making the image appear blurred. Try focusing on the intended object using the half press focus lock mentioned in previous posts and then recompose picture before fully depressing button.

    Put it on the side set the timer and see what it does, if it takes a sharp image then you need to lay off the booze as its giving you the shakes.

    If its still blurred/fuzzy there could be a fault with the camera.
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