Photography - Printing/Framing 16:9 Aspect Photos?

Found 14th Oct 2017
Hi all, I've started taking photos with a manual camera in my spare time as a hobby and I've decided it would be nice if I could print/frame some of them. All the photos I have taken are in 16:9 aspect ratio (personal preference), 12MP resolution, edited in RAW format and then saved as TIFFs/High Quality JPEGs.

I have access to an A3 printer (Canon PIXMA Pro-10s Inkjet?) which I presume would print the 16:9 photos on A3 paper with white borders above/below (as I'm not looking to crop). I'm a bit confused as to what size photo frames I should be looking for though under these circumstances :-/ or maybe I'm doing this all a bit backwards? Could anybody point me in the right direction or maybe give me some advice? It would be much appreciated.

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Standard printing practice is 300 dpi (dots per inch) (dots means pixels). So divide your image pixel size by 300 and that will be your print size.

A typical 12mp image is 4000 x 3000 pixels which divided by 300 is 13.3 x 10 inches. Therefore you'll need to crop it to make the size of a standard frame, depending on the image content. If you have shot it in 16:9 presumably the camera has already cropped the available pixels for you.

So check your actual image size (in pixels) and crop if necessary. Most editing software will let you crop to standard frame sizes. I don't know if your printer includes the white border in the finished size, but that will need to be taken into account.

300 dpi is industry standard, but not written in stone, so there is a little flexibility if needed.
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