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Posted 7th Apr

On advice of one of my friends, I've been checking the price of Samyang 14mm F2.8 lenses for a while and the cheapest was £350 for the EOS M I have. But recently the Fuji X version dropped to £140 and I hit the button. and ended up with an incompatible lens (d'oh).

Are there any adapters to use this lens with EOS M cameras? I saw something like Fujica X (OLD) to EOS M but wasn't sure what that is and google wasn't helpful in this instance.…879

My purpose in buying this lens was amateur astrophotography only.

If there are no such adapters, I will start looking at cameras to suit the lens (I know that's not the way things are done normally but if I return this lens - knowing myself - I won't do anything at all. At least now, I'm pursuing a hobby...a costly one). So if you have any advice, would be greatly appreciated

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Lol whoopsie on the buy button.
I have the 12mm emount version bought at £170-180 iirc. Lovely lens. I haven't got round doing astro yet (was the intention) but is so good on landscape and some portrait shots it's v nice. I've always been a auto focus kinda person but using manual focus is pretty fun on the mirror less.

I'm not sure adaptors are the way to go, quick Google says it will affect the fov which why you wanted to go for the wide flat lens in the first place. How much, I dont know the mathematics.
Fujica X is no good to you - thats for an old full size camera from the 60's…unt

it isn't always possible to get a working mount - to enable focus they need to be able to focus onto the sensor plane, the reason canon rather than nikon are popular with adapters/manual focus lenses is that on nikon the typical lens would have to be recessed into the camera body to acheive this. Point being that it might not be physically possible to make an adapter to do what you want.

I'm not familiar with the fuji's - for some reason i thought they were micro 4/3.

edit - just had a look - the sensor-flange distances are almost identical for the eos-m and fuji so no chance of an adatper that will allow full range of focus - i think you're out of luck.
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Stay away from adapters really. Also, take a look at the 16mm F2.0 version as that is the best lens for astrophotography by all accounts. I got it from amazon on their pay monthly thing and its an amazing lens that I’ve produced some really good shots with.
Many thanks for responses. Seems like i need to a bit more background study. The item is from amazon so worst case will keep it sealed and return it back. Sometime in june earliest i guess :/
Used fuji camera ~£100 up , or return
So now i got fuji x-t20 and the samyang lens. It s a lens with aperture ring...the problem is it is showing f0 all the time. No matter what settings i use or what f value i set on the lens ring, it shows f0.

I found some f0 posts on google but all were to do with fuji lenses...

Does anyone know if this f0 is normal or is it a faulty lens i got?
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