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Found 13th Aug 2017
Hi all,

So I've turned from a hobbyist photographer and I am now doing it a bit more professional, doing weddings etc.

Is there an easy app to apply a bespoke watermark logo type thing at the bottom of my photos before I post them anywhere online?

I'm looking to gain exposure for when people use my photos without any credit given, not being selfish, just need to maximise my exposure on social media etc.

Thanks in advances everyone.
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You could try "TSR Watermark Image".
But you could only use Lightroom if you have that.
I create mine in Photoshop.

To create one in Photoshop, create a transparent layer (any size, you can resize or crop it later).
Type your message/logo or even be more artistic by adding brush strokes or shapes.
An option extra would be to add a drop shadow or stroke around the text.
Do this by right clicking on the layer and selecting Blending Options (the top option).
Within the dialogue box, make your selections.
Save the document as a .PNG file, this will preserve the transparent layer.

Once complete, open your photo file and the watermark file, drag the watermark file over the photo file and position it anywhere on the image.
If you need to duplicate the watermark, press CTRL J and position that.
You can always adjust the opacity of the watermark, by adjusting the layer's opacity.
And you can scale the watermark, by pressing CTRL T.

To automate the above to save time, you can create an Action.
Basically, this allows you to record the process of opening up the watermark file, apply it to the image and reducing opacity, reducing size, duplicating etc.

I agree about using watermarks. I now put two on each photo.
A fellow photographer might be able to remove them, but most photographers prefer to create their own content.
Members of the public, clients and companies are the ones who usually want stuff for nothing.
So move your watermarks away from the edges and nearer the centre. You can always adjust the opacity.
For wedding photos, I'd make the watermarks fairly visible, this will stop your clients printing them out, with they will do.
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I assume you have and use some form of photo editing software for cropping, touch ups, adding filters, etc so just use that software.
I use gimp and it's just a case creating a template layer then pasting it in and aligning so it's not easily cropped.
If your doing a load the batch processor plugin saves a ton of time.
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