photos ?

    how long do i have before i have to put my photos on a fs thread want to post some stuff but av to wait for hubby to put photos on cause im usless at that kind of stuff


    you're better off having the pics ready and posted, as no doubt, the first person to respond will ask to see pics. . . unless i guess you will picture txt the photo across but even still, the potential buyer may not want to give out their number. as for how long you have- well, a mod can lock thread (if they wannna) the instant you post if no pics are to assist your for sale stuff..if un-noticed, then i guess it's a matter of 'how long is a piece of string'...



    If I see something I want to buy, then I would want to see piccys … If I see something I want to buy, then I would want to see piccys straight away.If they aren't there, then will I come back again and look when they are?.......who knows?I may or may not come back, so you may or may not lose a sale.Your choice.

    Confusious says ??????????????:w00t:

    Original Poster

    think i,ll waiit for hubby to get back from work then dont fancy getting my thread locked :whistling:
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