Photos into Word help please

    It might sound like a stupid question but for reasons too complicated to explain I need to insert a batch of photos (about 30) into a word document, with 4 to a page.

    Is there any easy way to do this? Dragging and dropping them will take me too long to then resize them to 4 to a page

    Any ideas?


    can you not just copy and paste the document, or failing that, get the photo you want on your screen, press "printscreen (prtsc) and paste into word

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    I have all of the photos as jpg's, just need to insert them into word.

    Thanks though

    I would create the pages in word with 4 'text boxes' on each page
    then paste a jpeg into each text box.

    I do this regularly - it's quite easy. Press insert, then picture, then from file, and choose your picture, you will have to resize. Right click on the photo, format picture, then size.

    Yes, insert (from top or bottom bars), select all the pics you want and they will all appear in your doc.
    Resize is quick just by dragging. Start with the first one!
    Also do your page set up first.

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    Lol, I know how to insert a picture into word! I just needed to put 30 in 4 to a page without having to manually resize them all; as it would take ages.

    Thanks though

    I find it easier to use Powerpoint then insert the presentation in to Word
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