Posted 26 June 2021

Photos prints online

Hi all, was just looking at printing some photos through an online company, does anyone have any recommendations, thanks in advance
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  1. deleted2283869's avatar
    Free prints are amazing and really good value
  2. aLV426's avatar
    They are really all the same now, not much difference in quality or paper choices. Cost is probably the biggest factor to worry about. Also note that if you are a Virgin Media customer you get 50 "free" 6x4 prints a month (you just pay P&P, which iirc is £1.99 - so less than 4p a print).
    Snapfish --> 6x4 @ 10p a print
    Tesco --> 6x4 @ 5p a print (need to order 500 to get this price though - so £25, but you can use clubcard points!)
    Amazon --> I can't see any pricing
    Apple --. well they ceased their own printing, but they still have free software...
    Boots --> 6x4 @ 15p a print (100 for £7.50)
    Bonus print --> 6x4 @ 7p a print
  3. Wolfout's avatar
    Photobox gives you 50 free prints every month on the app, p&p is £1.99 so works out 3p per print.
  4. chris_allen's avatar
    I tried Amazon but it said only in the US, thanks though I will take a look at these
  5. jord_1992's avatar
    Free prints all the way!!!
  6. dorey69's avatar
    Free prints are brilliant
  7. chris_allen's avatar
    Thanks all for the advice
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