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    Have posted similar before but i do have a new question, which is:

    I have an image, lets say a market place with people in for example, i'm wanting all but one colour to be black and white and my colour of choice to remain the same, how would i go about doing this?

    second question to contestent number three

    What key do you hold down to intensify an effect ie Difference clouds... some guy on pixel perfect says to hold down the alt key in one of his tutorial videos but i'm guessing he's american and the keyboard language translation alters the effect on an english keyboard.

    thanks in advance


    For the first one you would create the same image in greyscale. So in photoshop you would have two layers, the bottom one in colour, the top one in greyscale. Then it's a case of using the eraser tool on the greyscale layer to reveal the colour picture underneath.

    I hope that makes sense.

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    thats a long winded way of doing it, and you'd probably need to desaturate one layer which levels the other layer in colour...

    just think that there will be a tool that says desaturate all other colours except "red"

    This may be what you want:…al/

    Are you using a Mac or PC? Sometimes it can cause a keyboard use problem.
    However, most of the tips I've found do suggest something similar.

    "Intensify your Clouds effect (Photoshop 6/7/CS)

    If you're familiar with the Clouds filter in Photoshop, then you
    know that the clouds tend to look more like parchment paper
    (which is a good thing sometimes). You can navigate to the filter
    by choosing Filter > Render > Clouds from the menu bar. However,
    if you want to intensify the effect a bit by adding more
    contrast, then hold down the [option] key ([Alt] key in Windows)
    as you select the filter. "
    Quote from:…tml


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    i'm on a pc, and the top link of your post looks like what i was looking for thanks

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    think wot i was doing wrong with the alt key was pressing it before i held the filter button down

    I did notice that the tip does say:
    ".....then hold down the [option] key ([Alt] key in Windows)
    as you select the filter. "
    I often use the wrong selection sequence when trying to use the clone tool. It's easily done.

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    found another way of keeping a colour selection when desaturating an image...

    Open your Image,
    Click Select then click Color Range
    Click the pippet and select the colour you want to keep,
    On the Fuzziness Bar you select the range of the colour you have selected (becomes more apparant when you try it yourself),
    Click the Invert button, then click on ok
    Then click on Image, Adjustments, Desaturate.

    there are other methods of making your image black and white desaturate is one of the easiest but not the greatest.

    just thought i'd post an answer to my first post just incase someone else was wanting the same effect.
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