Found 6th Sep 2007
I will try to update this alot....anyway enjoy the tutorials

None of the tutorials are made by me
This wasnt made by me, but was made to be shared...

Final fantasy sig…jpg Here

Here is the second one
Simple Tag Tutorial…jpg Here

Burning Flesh Effect…php Here

"V for vendetta" Signature Tutorial…jpg Here

Secs Signature Tutorial (lol dont get the wrong idea!)…jpg Here

Shakira Tag Tutorial (quite a good one)…jpg Here

Stock Tutorial…jpg Here

these are long image files so i wont post the actual image, just the link


Original Poster

anyway if no one wants to reply no problem, i dont mind much at all.

Original Poster

wohoo 1 reply at least!!!
are these tuts any good to you massmail??

Cool tutorials!

Sigs are useless here tho as they have been disabled...:-(

Original Poster

i'll try to get some non-sig tutorials, and thanks for reply

Nice idea jaguark

I expect a lot of people here would benefit from your tutorials and massmail666's links for image editing :pirate:


Thanks jaguark I dont have a clue about photoshop, so this will be great for me ! Not enough time to read through properly now ... but will do !

Original Poster

if the mods have liked it then theres no stopping me from posting more!!!

(lol a bit over top lol)

My brothers just started a "Media Design" course where they will be using photoshop so this is cool. Anyone know where to find good tutorial videos, I don't really know photoshop so if anyone can point out a good video that teaches the basics that would be great.

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lol how about youtube???

Thanks for these i will give them a try in a bit and post my results later on


Thanks jaguark~ It's helpful~

Original Poster

no problem.

Update has been made!

I got lost with some of them tutorials so took some tips and put together this

Original Poster

hey thats better than i could ever do!
(still a newbie at photoshop)

Original Poster

shall i post the websites that way it'll be easier for me and people can search for more stuff that they may find useful...
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