PHQ- Whats going on?

    Me and the family has just had a take away (1st take away in like 8 months!!!) and we wanted a pizza hut takeaway so we called our nearest and ordered.

    40 mins later we get our pizza. And it was ****. 1 Large Hawaiian pizza and a Margherita pizza. The margherita pizza had no cheese!!! It was just a friggin flat bread, and the Hawaiian was salty! Not only that, the base tasted awful, stale and arrived cold.

    Ended up calling again to complain and the only option was to send us out another pizza, the 2nd lot had cheese!!! But still tasted ****. Worst take away ever, and will never use a PHQ again.

    What we wanted was a lovely Pizza Hut deep pan with generous toppings. Why change a good thing?!?

    Any one want a Pizza? We have 3 uneaten boxes....

    What are your experiences or is our local just ****?


    i'll have them, is it free delivery, lol

    I've had good experiences dining in at Pizza Hut. I ordered an italian base, and it came deep pan. I looked at the guy funny and he said what's up? I said I thought I ordered an Italian base, but don't worry about it. He immediately apollogised and said he'd get me an Italian base and I could take the deep pan pizza home in a box.

    I thought this was pretty good service, especially as I didn't push him to fix his mistake, but then on the way out he knocked the pizza off the bill too... I was almost embarrassed to pay the bill as it was basically a couple of drinks and a kid's meal.

    So - I guess if there's any advice I could give, it would be to eat-in. They might still mess up your order, but they seem to be dead keen to sort it out (in front of other customers).

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    I've eaten in at Pizza Hut, they have the pizzas we like with great service. But PHQ only serve thin base and anaemic cheese. (We decided on a take away as 11month neice is here, and brother as usual haven't supplied adequate clothes or coat and its too cold for her to go outside)

    There used to be email addresses to send complaints to, something like [email protected] or something,

    If you send an email you get freebies and money off vouchers...

    May not be good if the food was 'carp' but may get some money back...

    Try looking at their website for complaints department and send off an email...

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    i'll have them, is it free delivery, lol

    :giggle: pick up only
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