Hello. We booked flights to see Thailand (end of February for 9 nights). Did any body stay in the Phuket area?? Any hotel accommodation experience?? Ideally for nice honeymoon with out breaking the bank. Thanks


    Why not ?

    If you want a honeymoon experience, i would stay away from patong, but this is where all the nightlife is...

    Phuket is nice, but going island hopping is the best thing to do... My friends have charters a private speed boat, i am sure you could do island hopping that way as long as it's not a full day trip.

    My self and my partner stayed in the Holiday Inn kata beach in karon in September wasn't impressed. Not a lot to do here, hotel facilities poor and to be honest couldn't wait to get home. Hopefully other areas are better but Karon beach and Kata beach were uninspiring. Not the beach front hotels you are expecting in Thailand.

    Phuket is summed up as a man is not a man and a woman is not a woman.
    Everyone is ready to rob you of your money and they will all insist you need a threesome.
    A lot of places will give you food poisioning.

    Suggest you search trip advisor for more details and look for 5 star rated places.
    Ensure you have full medical insurance just in case.
    Otherwise enjoy your honeymoon.
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