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    Hi all

    Can anyone explain about physx? My mate has just bought a gtx260 to use as a physx card as he has a 295 for his main gfx card, is this overkill? Will the 260 be used to its full potential as a physx card.



    My knowledge isn't that substantial but I don't think he needed to purchase an extra card. I'm not even sure if most games take full advantage of physX at the moment anyway.

    Basically they both have dedicated PhysX processors so pointless to purchase an extra graphics card. They did sell the PhysX cards sepreatly a year and a bit ago but it wasn't very successful. I guess that's why they are now embedded into the graphics cards now.

    The idea of the PhysX card is to take strain off the CPU to free it for other calculations. It may have a slight benifit but I'm wondering if having two different graphics cards in one PC would actually do anything. Would be better to get another GTX295 and link them via SLI…FJs

    Batman Arkham Asylum - Physx and No Physx Comparison

    That's just an example in 1 game, I have no idea what other games use it though

    rwm24;6630089 Arkham Asylum - Physx … Arkham Asylum - Physx and No Physx ComparisonThat's just an example in 1 game, I have no idea what other games use it though…ysX
    There is a list of games on this page.
    More than I thought.
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