Physical or digital?

Posted 16th Sep
Yes it's likely been asked before but not for a while to my knowledge...

Do you get digital or physical games or both and why?
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Digital because I use a PC that doesn't even have an optical disk drive.
Physical wherever possible, for two reasons. Firstly if I buy a game and find that I've played it enough and finished it, or just wasn't that in to it, I can sell it or trade it and get something back for it. And secondly, it's often much cheaper to buy a used copy of a game to start with rather than buying at full or high price from the PS Store, unless it's a really, really good deal you can often find cheaper by looking around as places like ShopTo and TGC are competitively priced.
Traditionally physical simply for trade in value. I’m now massively starting to switch to digital purely because I’m getting too lazy to get up and chang discs
Digital, i play mostly on PC. But even with console games i haven't traded in a game since i was playing on N64, I just don't see the point anymore.
For my PC: Digital. Not had a physical drive for almost 6 years now as its all digtital so there isnt really 2 ways about it. Does it bother me? Not really as there some many plays you can buy keys from its alot cheaper (mostly) that the console equivelent but does mean you can trade games. Thing its its so cheap on PC, you never really thought of trading it.

Switch: Digital. Basically as ive just been used to buying digital games for PC, done the same with switch. Just had a nice big SD card and load the games up. Why not phisical? again I have seen alot cheaper codes online compared to phisical but it usually comes down to price. IF a phisical was cheaper, i would just opt for that.
Digital for pc although I accept physical that has a steam key, so technically digital.

Switch I like physical because they cost the same or less and I can share them or sell them. Although you do have to remember to carry the cartridge which is annoying.
Digital with the exception of the Switch as physical Nintendo games hold their value.
Mostly digital, physical games are easy to lose or ruin and requires leaving home to get one.
Whichever is the cheapest
xbox, physical (have been with xbox since the original) ..prefer them, flipping through the case of discs to pick one (much like a film) ..have very few paid for digital games the layot picture of whats on a hard drive is boring & somewhat confusing, plus I like space on my hard drive & downloads limited by my poxy hit & miss internet speed / connectivity.
I bought 1 digital, cd wont get scratches AND xbox has now changed. Iv bought my boys one s but the new one is digital only.
I have no scratches on my discs dating nearly 20 years, & cd's that are older, ..treat them properly they tend to last.

If you don't that's when you get riled up (likely ony yourself to blame) kid scratched ONE disc when very little, & was taught the lesson of you only get one disc bought so look after it! ..something she has done since with utmost reverence, unlike the cretins who take cds from libraries & treat them like crud so they skip & aren't worth taking out!
Suffice to say she is careful with lots of kit for the same reason, its a good lesson to have imparted.
Depends on the game, really. For single-player stuff I generally prefer a disc; it's nice to know that I'll be able to play it whenever I feel like it, even if that happens to be 10 years from now when the digital version has been delisted. I'll always happily shell out for a "game of the year" edition with all patches and DLC on the disc.

I'm not so picky about multiplayer or anything that requires an always-online connection; there's not the same benefit to owning physically so I'll go with whatever's cheaper.

Single-player games that require a massive content download even when you buy them physical... *cough* Spyro *cough*... I generally won't buy them at all, just out of principal
Digital as I don’t have to get up and change disc in Xbox and on pc only get digital...
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