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Found 28th Dec 2016
Just set PI-Hole running on my home network and it seams as well of doing an excellent job blocking Ads it also blocks a lot of referral/affiliate links used by hukd is there a published Whitelist available? Or has anybody else compiled one for Pi-Hole or other Ad Blocking software?
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did you ever get this working? I have just installed pihole but it wrecks the hotukdeals experience!
same as that. it's doing my head in atm
Any pointers on how you resolved OP?
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Resolved by uninstalling PI-Hole
Just set up Pi-hole myself, so I'm sure I'll come across this issue too in time.

This site seems useful for populating the whitelist a bit, but I imagine there will also be some manual work required for each affiliate link that HUKD uses as you encounter them:
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