piano reels???

    ok guys need some help here,

    i have just recently come across something i would call a piano reel.... (they go inside piano and go round with perverated holes and make it play a tune --> play the piano without anyone there) i cant find these on the internet anywhere so i was wondering if they are called something different.??? also where would you find out how much they are worth??? (found these in the garage a couple of weeks ago) so any help is wanted.....


    Found this for you, haven't found a price yet, will have a look.

    Piano roll

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A piano roll is the music storage medium used to operate the player piano, pianola or a reproducing piano.

    The piano roll was the first medium which could be produced and copied industrially and made it possible to provide the customer fast and easy with actual music.

    A piano roll is a roll of paper with perforations (holes) punched in it. The position and length of the perforation determines the note played on the piano. The piano roll moves over a device known as the 'tracker bar', which first had 58 holes, was expanded to 65 and then was upgraded to 88 holes (generally, one for each piano key). When a perforation passes over the hole, the note sounds.

    Piano rolls have been in continuous mass production since around 1896.[1] Though they are still being made today, MIDI files represent a modern way in which musical performance data can be stored. MIDI files accomplish digitally and electronically what piano rolls do mechanically. Software for editing a performance stored as MIDI data often has a feature to show the music in a piano roll representation.

    The first paper rolls were used by Welte & Sons in their Orchestrions since 1883.[2] After hundreds of companies of this booming business produced piano rolls different in size and perforation, in 1909 the American producers of piano rolls and mechanical pianos as well agreed to a standard in the Buffalo Convention.

    They sell them, check out the prices. Between £8 and £18, depending.

    Original Poster

    ahhhh thanks i couldnt find an alternate name!!!!! thanks for you help rep added

    No probs and cheers for the rep.:-D
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