Picked up playstation console for £4 today

    Spotted this in the window of my local charity shop and couldn't believe the price when i asked.

    The console is in MINT condition and comes with all the original literature, dual shock controller nd even a memory card lol.

    Bargain me thinks ?



    just to clarify, a ps1,right?

    You could have just got one for 99p on eBay. lol

    Bargain me thinks ?

    Nope. I picked up one from gamestation earlier this year for £2.99

    2 controllers, mem card and 1 year warranty.


    I found a boxed Goldeneye N64, with limited edition gold controller for £8 in a charity shop last year. Was pretty chuffed with that

    Well I work for a charity shop, and I get to check all the "gadgets" as they call them. We have had lots of PS1's & PS2's. 3 Xbox 360's and 1 Xbox. Still awaiting a PS3 ^_^
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