Picture distortion in new panasonic TH42pz85b plasma TV

    Bought a new plasma Tv from empire direct delivered on Tuesday installed on friday have picture distortion on and off from Sky and a private satellite . connected both by scart leads .Picture becomes blurry suddenly lasting few minutes and settles .Is it a connection problem or with TV any suggestions .Do i need to ask for a replacement from empire direct or contact panasonic .If i have to replace ,will i be eligible for same price with 5 year warranty .Any suggestions please



    Try plugging in your old telly for a while.
    See if the prob is still there.
    If prob there, it's not the new telly.
    Also see if prob is on new telly just plugged into aerial.
    Good luck.

    Original Poster

    connected my old tv no problems with it


    Ok m8.
    Call them asap.
    Ask for refund or replacement.
    Maybe they will send repair man.
    It's up to you if you want that.
    Good luck.

    consider trying it with another source device such as a dvd player, xbox etc
    does the TV have built in sat decoder or is it a sky box? if so try another cable from box/dvd player etc to tv
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