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    Hello everyone, need a bit of help - wanted to make a mosaic out of my images, but I don't have enough images to make it decent enough. So now I just wanted a border a big image in the middle, and the smaller images (150) around the outside, to be printed on A3. I don't have any sort of photo editing software at all...and have tried to do this on Andrea Mosaic, but because it is trying to create a mosaic, it messes up and conflicts with the target image.

    So, any suggestions/software that will do this for me?!


    hi there, it may not be a mosaic. but google picasa has a tool to make a collage. Its a great program and the learning curve is not bad at all!!

    its free so give it a try.

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    Thanks for that. Picasa looks awesome, and I have settled for the collage option, looks pretty good. Rep added.
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