picture set-up on a tv

    Anyone recall watching the Gadget show (last year I think?) and an item about setting up your tv picture from scratch.
    I'm sure there was info on their site telling you to turn down contrast,brightness etc, etc in a specific sequence and then finally adding colour at the end.
    Tried a google but can't find it - anyone out there know of this?
    Fancy trying it on my new Toshi to see how results compare against posted settings.


    You could try a THX dvd. Not what you're after but a good starting point.

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    So some DVD's have THX Optimiser on the DVD? - time to look through my DVD's......
    THX website mentions needing blue glasses - I've got a couple of blue wrappers from quality street tin from xmas will those do :whistling:


    titanic has it on and you do not need special glasses

    Or : ]THX Optimiser torrent.

    Failing that most Lucasarts disks have THX (Star Wars etc).

    One problem with the THX optimiser is it's only really setup for THX disks. It does improve picture/tone quality on other DVD's too but its not meant to provide you with a general purpose profile. So bear that in mind.


    best bet is to search avforums with your model number as people post perfect setups there
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