pictures on hard drive sorter organiser?

Found 21st Feb
hi i have over 5k of pictures/vids over the years all took on my mobiles over the years and there all in one big folder is there any sorter or organiser that will get a bit of order like when thery were taken etc ive tryed of the laptop by date time etc but thats no good was thinking if there was any program etc

many thanks
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I wanted to know this for years- as used to do it manually and was like a full time job- I would imagine maybe excel could do something with maybe vba module thingys- but haven’t found any- hope someone can help?
Just dump them lot on Google photos and let them sort.. I just search then. Given up trying to do it with software
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google photos.
it will scan and try to sort it out for you
The only problem with google photos is if you for some reason get banned from any google app you get banned from them all and you will loose your pics. Its unlikely you will get banned though, just make sure you copy them all back to your PC when sorted.
You can use Google Picasa locally on your pc without uploading, it can do facial recognition and group by person as well.
right will give it ago thanks
ACDSee is good.
Faststone pretty decent as well.
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