Pictures on kays website won't load for me :(

Found 7th May 2008
Is anyone else having this problem? The main page pictures load but non of the items do, just a red x. It's the same on the littlewoods websites too. Anyone know of a way to fix it?


just checking now

all seems to be working fine for me. try deleting your temporary internet files etc

littlewoods working fine for me

If clearing the temp internet files doesnt fix it..then I would maybe try downloading Java from ]http//ww…com

sorry just reason i havnt explained why lol...seems that alot of the images on both sites use java for small info popups

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I've updated my java thing, the thing is...they don't load on my laptop or my desktop computer. Doubt it could be my router blocking that though? ;S

ahhhhhh well that changes everything then lol
Could try powering off your router and back on to pick up a new IP

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Restarted my router and I have a new IP but still the same outcome. Here is a screenshot of what they look like…jpg.

maybe your security settings are blocking the images. have you got firefox or opera installed? if so, see what result you get from them. if not, thry temporarily lowering your security settings

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yeah i've tried with firefox and I.E. I'm really clueless on this one, any other ideas?

I'm having this problem too. Very annoying. Anyone managed to solve it yet?

I just solved it. If you are an AOL user then AOL is the problem. Download AOL9.0VR (the latest one) from here…adp and use that to browse all littlewoods group sites. Worked great for me
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