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    My partner and myself booked a wine tasting session from Pieroth while at a food and wine exhibit awhile ago, which was rather good between six friends. We ordered a large selection of wines and fizz that'll see us right through until next year most likely. As we spent a fair wedge (just over £6k) I was wondering if there was a way of cutting out the middlemen and going direct to get a better discount.

    Would any of you happen to know the merchant/supplier from which they purchase from?



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    Frankly you'd be better to go to a decent local wine merchant or even Majestic.
    Pieroth are very expensive for what they offer.
    I think you'll find that they are the merchant. It is after all a german business which operates all over the world.

    My parents used to buy wine through them and I was always horrified at the prices that they paid.

    If you are spending 6K on wine then I'd suggest sorting yourself out with some vineyard tours. If you like european wines then do some research and then just get out and visit places.

    If you just want to buy the wine then go into majestic or a decent merchant and talk to them - most decent wine merchants do regular tasting sessions.

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    Good to know, cheers for the input.
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