Piers Morgan meets Michael Winner......?

Good Lord! Have you seen what's on ITV tonight? Possibly two of the worst living Englishmen, Piers Morgan and Michael Winner, together, on the same show.

I am hoping it causes some massive black hole that swallows the whole of ITV. Surely it's not physically possible to put two giant idiots like that together in the same room.



It's an interesting fact that I'm one of the few in the country that like Piers. I've even read his book!

Im really not sure how winner is considered to be a "british icon"-he had a coupla mildly successful movies years ago,is now some kind of self styled food critic and advises people on "taste"-he is a smarmy,self centred,sleazy little man .I always thought it strange that so many of his movies included rape scenes-bit creepy imho.

Hopefully there will be a deranged sniper in the audience.

Original Poster Banned

It will be interesting to see if Piers manages to crawl out of Simon Cowell's backside in time for the interview tonight

I too like Piers even meet him nice fella:)

Agree with Barky about Winner. However, I like Piers. x



"nightmareish, experimental pigman being raised in a lab by a depressed scientist"

That's what I think whenever I see him. :w00t:
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