Pike River mine Explosion :(

Hope all the miners are ok and barricaded safely somewhere in the mine, as i have a friend who is trapped inside as you can imagine family and friends are upset and praying that everyone is safe down there

According to news reports things are 50/50 as miners have showed no signs of contact as of yet, and the potential danger of a second explosion with a build up of gases.

show your support and hope they all get out safely


Hopefully another outcome like the Chilean miners.

Thankfully there are several days worth of Oxygen stored in chambers down there. Hope your friend is ok.

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Hopefully it has the same outcome.

one bad sign though is the contact phone in the mine - the surface keeps ringing and no one has answered it speculation is that the miners may be blocked off from where the phone is or phone could be broken also anybodys quess

Still waiting for the air results in the mine before its safe to go down, Hopefully it will get the all clear and proceed with the rescue
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The rescue has been put on hold, due to there being an underground fire and a mixture of carbon monoxide and methane that may be combusting still and fears over a second explosion happening

No timetable in place as of yet for a rescue yet, but they are drilling a 6 inch wide shaft to where the miners are near to , really hope all the miners are ok and are in a safe area in an oxygen store chamber.

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Things aren't looking to good now, Speculation that there may be considerable Loss of life or all 29

Won't know for sure until later tonight early hours tomorrow morning if the video camera and robot has found any miners that survived the explosion.

And taken further air test from within the mine to determine if its worth risking the rescuers lives to rescue or recover 1.5 miles into the mine.
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A sad end to the story.

Sorry you have lost your friend.

Sad times RIP Miners

Deepest sympathy on losing your friend and for the other miners families and friends.


Will we ever know whether they survived the first explosion, the families must be going through different scenarios in their heads



Hope you are ok.

R.I.P. 29 miners

sad news , condolences dj_urban to you and your friends family xx
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