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Pillowcases sensitive skin & irritation prevention

Posted 28th Apr
Hi can anyone recommend pillowcases or the material I need to buy in for sensitive skins as believe with current causing face irritation and spots break out, would appreciate thanks
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It could be the washing detergent you use. Non Bio is best and if you use conditioner make sure that is the sensitive type too.
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Don’t know which type ie cotton etc, but when I was a young boy with spot issues the Doctor said to
wash face just before bed, have a window open to stop excess sweating and only use the same pillow case 2 nights.
Use one night and turn over for second.
Due to sweat and oil build up on pillow case.
It might help a bit.
Cover your hair at night too. There may be oil transfer.
Try avoiding conditioner for a few washes. Apparently softening conditioner impregnates ultra fine particles in fabric, I can imagine that causing irritation.
My friend swears by a silk pillowcase. Expensive but easy to get hold of from John Lewis, Dunelm, etc. Might be worth a try.
100% cotton should help. Also steer away from man mad fibre filled or memory foam filled pillows too. Anything polyester will make you sweat which won’t help.
Definitely try to use 100% cotton bed linen, it’s worth investing in higher thread count cotton if your budget allows (White company etc). You should also try cotton pillowcase protectors if you’re using regular pillows, as the synthetic outer cover will often cause you to sweat and will irritate your skin further. Make sure that you hoover your bedroom regularly, including the mattress on your bed, I did mine recently and was horrified by how much dirt there was! Give your room a good airing, open your window every day - even in the depths of winter my bedroom window is either open or kept on the latch. I’ve struggled with multiple allergies and eczema my entire life so these are some of the things that work for me!
How often do you wash pillow case?
are you sure the spots and irritation are from the pilllows and not something else? skin problems are very difficult to diagnose and treat and the cause of it can be very varied. have you seen a doctor?
100% Cotton, higher thread count the smoother. Silk ones are smoother but don't breathe as well. For other tips from experience: Cleanse gently & apply boots tea tree night gel and moisturiser before bed. Avoid all harsh Clearasil type products. Avoid touching face. Try non-bio washing detergent. Drink more water. If persists then see GP.
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