Pilot light or matchstick

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Found 31st Jan 2009
Do you start as a pilot light or matchstick....I'm sure mine has just changed...but I can't remember what it was! When does it change?

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Sorry...just found the link to the FAQs....now I know!

You'll move up to dipstick shortly. ;-)


You'll move up to dipstick shortly. ;-):whistling:

and then chapstick
and then lipstick

is that right?


and then chapstickand then lipstickis that right?

Don't ask me! I'm still a chapstick.

the one you want to get hit with the most is rhythmstick


Original Poster

OK...OK...looks like I'm takin' some stick for that one!:w00t:


[COLOR=#ff0000]Forum custom titles[/COLOR]You'll see some text under your … [COLOR=#ff0000]Forum custom titles[/COLOR]You'll see some text under your username, it changes according to the number of posts you have. This is what it means: [LIST=1][*]Flint = 0-9[*]Matchstick = 10-99[*]Pilot light = 100-499[*]Flame Thrower = 500-999[*]Solar Flare = 1000+[*] [/LIST]

You turn into a smiley face at stage 6? :thinking:

are you just wanting rep ?


rep? what's that?:oops:

pmsl :thumbsup:
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