Hi, my sons got a birthday on Thursday and keeps asking to have a Pinata at his party, so where can i find a Pinata and one of those sticks to break it open, and to receive it before thursday. I don't mind getting one without sweets in them, as long as i can put in sweets and chocolates in there myself. Thanks


    asda do them!! good price as well

    Definitely seen them in Tesco. Not sure if it was seasonal around Halloween though?


    asda do them!! good price as well

    I've seem em in Asda too.

    And Home Bargins aswell thinking about it.

    On sale on Sains Bristol yesterday

    asda and toys r us


    They sell them on Amazon. Will need express delivery to get it for party though - good luck!

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    thanks guys i will look for an asda, if not there i will get it off amazon.

    Marks and Spencer do them too

    home bargains do them,not sure how much but they also do the fill pack with sweets and toys(spinning tops small water guns etc..) for £1.99,

    wilkinsons sell them i think they are £9.99

    Chiquito's sell them too

    I saw them in superdrug around Christmas

    I think the ones in home bargains are around £5.99 but you get the stick and blind fold included where as Asda you have to buy it all seperate. They only had a flower, train and treasure box at my local though. I got mine from Birthdays, they also do the pullina ones aswell for younger children.

    Home bargains £5.99 includes stick and blindfold, also the bags to fill them full of goodies is 1.99 HTH
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