Found 2nd Jun 2009
If anyone here is on the pinecone research panel, how/when do you get reimbursed? I saw it's via paypal or vouchers (I've opted for the latter) but is payment sent after every survey, or in bulk, so to speak? I've done 2 and nothing so far... any help gratefully received! xx

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Ah okay thanks for the advice, will expire the thread, don't want to get anyone into trouble!

I have only had 1 survey, joined about 6 weeks ago. Received vouchers about a week after I completed it

surely any company good at doing business would be pleased to be mentioned on any forum. personally that company sounds like it should be avoided.

is the recompense worth it. i doubt it. sound like idiots. have they never heard of best practise???

Do a survey,get vouchers for £4 shortly afterwards,they do come in on Airmail from another country so thats why they take longer than expected,on average about 1 week.

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Ahh okay... I did my first one sometime at the beginning of April so maybe it's got lost, or I was just unlucky that time. I'll see if the next one turns up!!


usually get paid about a week after, contact them and ask

ive done 2 in the past 3 weeks and received no money/vouchers but they were to do with the house hold which im sure you dont get paid for so not really worrying about it
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