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    What's your Ping Test results?


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    Mine is really bad on my other VM connection about 50 ping 20+ jitter always. Not bad for normal use, noticeable for gaming though. Used to get about 20 ping 1-2 jitter, gone downhill in the last 6 months. Sky ADSL results...

    Not bad for a up to 20mb connection (7mb)

    This is over my 802.11g connection. When I test it over 802.11n or ethernet, the jitter is only 2 or 3ms.

    I'm on Virgin's 50Mbps

    First one

    Second one

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    Mine was on Virgin Media interweb, dont understand why it has come through as TeleWest :?

    20Mbps also.

    over wifi

    Not bad considering I am pinging from Glasgow!

    lol I done it again and got


    how do you copy / paste the image ?

    not too bad i guess - especially as they dont care if i go over the dwnload limit...

    Don't know what it means though...!


    Don't know what it means though...!

    +1 !! Can someone explain please :oops:


    +1 !! Can someone explain please :oops:

    Use to determine the quality of your broadband Internet connection. Streaming media, voice, video communications, and online gaming require more than just raw speed. Test your connection now to get your rating and share the result with others!

    Most people think it is the speed of their internet that affects their connection especially for streaming video, and even online gaming. Whereas it is greatly affected by ping and jitter of that ping.
    Ping is how long a packet is sent and received back, the jitter if you like is the range from the ping that occurred during the test. Thus lower numbers on both is ideal. :thumbsup:
    Good, bad or average??

    first result


    so pings good but loses packet what ever that means

    ooo im winning :P


    first result second so pings good but loses packet what ever that means … first result second so pings good but loses packet what ever that means :)ooo im winning :P

    Doesn't say it lost packets, just wasn't able to check for lost packets.:thumbsup:

    Highly surprised with mine, as we are on the worst broadband provider available:

    I'll test my phones now, see what that comes back with.

    EDIT: This is my phones:

    Impressed by that as it is only running on HSDPA

    As above, was suprised with mine especially being with TalkTalk
    Disappointed by download speed.

    Not happy with my download speeds. It's supposed to be 20MB, but it's been low for a few weeks now, i don't know what is going on with it.

    can anyone tell me if this result is okay?][IMG][/URL][/IMG]
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