pink ds and nintendo dogs

any know best price for pink ds and nintendo dogs game or any discounts associated with both




Order Nintendogs first using one of the £13.50/£15/£10+ free delivery codes on ]this page

Then, buy a pink DS Lite For £68.50 delivered with these codes:

ZQ4322 - £25 off £60 spend
PU533 - 10% off

Even cheaper if you get an old model DS, but get the lite, it's well worth the extra few pounds!

My Mum got a black DS Lite for £68.50 from there a couple of weeks ago, so the codes should still work.

I think you can get quidco too.

I doubt there is a cheaper way.

P.S. LXdirect, take the full amount then REFUND THE DISCOUNT. This has caused a lot of confusion round here, phone them to check if in any doubt.

the bad thing about LX direct is that it takes 4 weeks to deliver!

It was only a few days for me and my Mum, but I guess it depends, I'm sure they're not the fastest. At point of order though it does give you a delivery date, which is very handy.

...Just tried to add a DS to my order... and yes, it is a 4 week wait for some reason? Usually they're quicker than this, but hey, it's almost christmas!

Got mine as a package (DS lite & Labrador game from Gamestation for £109. Check they have them in first, my next day delivery took over a week.

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cheers:) ........

Is coming up as out of stock, at the minute. More expected in January

They are in stock at argos m8.



No Nintendogs (check out fleabay) but ]Toy R Us have some decent promotions on

Pink DS Lite + 2 or 3 games for £130


Pink DS Lite + 4 or 5 games for £150

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