pink ds lite

    i want a pink ds lite with nintendogs (labrador) and animal crossing. where is the cheapest place??


    I just got these for my daughter but I got them both seperatly using discount codes and vouchers I had to make it a bit cheaper.

    Ive seen nintendogs and the Ds lite in a package for £125 ish

    So may be worth doing what I did and checking out what discounts you can get on each..

    Theres not alot of packages online with the pink ds lite might be worth looking in stores


    Gamestation should do you a pink DS lite + any game for £109, then you'll have to buy the other game seperatly. 2nd hand you should get it under £20.

    I've just guided my cousin to DVDSTARS.COM

    It's a Canadian site but free worldwide delivery
    Nintendo DS Lite Pink - [COLOR=Red]£75.90[/COLOR] (roughly!! they do warn you of the difference in conversion but price shouldn't be too far off the mark)

    The DS is American but my model is the American version and I picked up a UK charger for £4 at my local market works a treat.

    Anyway my cousin has ordered one for her daughter on Friday just gone, I'll update you on how she got on.

    Here's a link for you to take a look at - ]DVDSTARS

    P.S. - There is a website - [url][/url] they do a very small range of DS games I haven't used them and I don't know anyone that has used them before but they seem quite reasonable with their prices. Currently sold out of Nintendogs (Daschund and Chihuahua) but they are contactable by e-mail if you wish to find out if they will be supplying anymore soon.

    Hope this helps!!

    I couldn't get a pink one for love nor money anywhere. I spent too long looking for the best deal and missed them all. So if you see a pink one anywhere, grab it.
    However, I did get a very good deal on a white one from Gamestation. I paid £159 for a white Nintendo ds lite with any three games of my choice and they threw in £28 worth of accessories for free. They also said that if my daughter wasn't happy with any of the games I had chosen, I could take them back and exchange them up to 15th January.
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