Posted 31 August 2023

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of The Moon (50th Anniversary 2023) [VINYL]

First released as part of ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ 50th Anniversary Box Set, this is the first time that the new mix of the classic album will be available on its own in physical formats. The Vinyl is a 1LP 180G Gatefold comes with original posters & stickers.…OLE
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    How many times is it possible to remaster an album. This is at least the 4th remaster. If you don't own DSOTM on vinyl then it's probably worth the money. There's little to be heard in this remaster that isn't in the others. Milking it springs to mind. (edited)
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    You know, the worst thing is that this remaster might not be any improvement. Seems a lot of remasters in recent years have only remastered to comply with modern streaming platforms' mastering standards, which typically means a minor EQ tweak, raising the nominal volume a few dB, and adding a load more compression. They're horrible.
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    I'll just leave this here :Roger Waters REDUX
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    this isn't a new mix. the "new" atmos mix that's in the 2023 50" boxset is on the bluray with other surround mixes. that's being released seperately, and cheap on amazon. the book was available seperately originally

    the linked release is the same mix as released 50 years ago. it's a different master. they haven't remixed it
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    Have you any idea as to how it compares to the 2016 release ?
  4. eclipsemullet's avatar
    This is the NEW MIX..
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