Found 22nd Sep 2008
I want a pink laptop for my daughter. Does anyone know where I can get a cheap one from? I have seen the dell ones, is there any chance they will come out with a better deal once their current deals are finished? I would hate to buy one from there only to discover they have an even better deal after the 24th of September.

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its always the way that something better will come up once uve purchased one weather it the following week or month, especially with laptops its the risk u gotta take or u ull always be waiting.

Sayin that with christmas comin up they are gonna be targetting the christmas shoppers so prices might not be as good, but you never know!

or couldnt you just buy a pink skin for a regular one??

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@ onlyme23 I totally agree with you. The price isn't too bad at the moment and you can get a free upgrade to pink with Dell. I also think you may be right about the prices not being as good with the run up to Christmas, but on the other hand with the credit crunch etc, I just don't know.

@DIVA77 - apparently not :-(

Go on the American E Bay site just be carefull with the postage!
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