pink lcd tv ?

    hi, does anyone know where i can get a decent pink lcd tv as big as possible for £150-£200, (15in is too small).



    There is a sony 20" at tesco priced at £250, but with the VAT discount and using the £13 voucher brings it to about £230.…spx
    I know its more than you want to spend, but hope this helps.

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    thanks but even £200 is a push,
    its for my 6yr olds christmas so £200+ is just too much but thanks

    I was also going to recommend the sony. This model is the best small screen you can buy, I have the white version and the sound quality and picture quality are both fantastic. Go through quidco for a bit extra back.

    there was one in woolies today when i went in, not sure baout price or size though but worth a look

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    we could have a winner

    Or this one at Argos, and get the £10 voucher over £100 spend.…htm
    Looks the same as ASDA one!

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    i work in argos and acoustic solutions are the most
    unreliable products ever or i would get it with my discount

    My friend who is a manager in Asda says the same thing about their brands :-s

    Yeah got to agree, got the kids acoustic solution mp3 players - none have lasted, and they are all pretty careful with things. Just thought it might be ok as you're limited with price.

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    thanks anyway might just go for the pacific dealy

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    just found this - ]http//ww…375
    does anyone have info on this make

    dont know whether you would be interested but there are lots of deals about at the moment on high school musical and hannah montana etc lcd's. My little girl is really into that type of thing.

    Might be an idea to watch the space at woolworths too!
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